What is WeBuzz, and how does it work?

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WeBuzz is a new digital aggregator and agitator that troubles the waters of the mundane. If your business needs a fresh injection of energy and excitement capital, then WeBuzz may just be the happy honey you’re looking for.

Think of WeBuzz as, to paraphrase the musings of Lou Bega’s fifth mambo, a little bit of LinkedIn in my life, a little bit of Facebook by my side, a little bit of PayPal is all I need, a little bit of Google Calendar is all I see.

WeBuzz is the only digital platform that allows you to create interest in your business, connect with like-minded individuals, sell your services online, AND put money directly into your PayPal account – no middleman taking a cut.

Now you probably feel you’re too busy to do ANOTHER social media application. WeBuzz is part social media – but it’s much more. Remember, key words are what search engines use to highlight your business – and buzz around your business is what gets you noticed. When you sign up for WeBuzz, you get another great opportunity to tell people who you are, and share your vision for your brand and the world with them.

WeBuzz membership comes in three tiers: Free Bee, Worker Bee and Queen Bee.

Free Bee allows you to create a profile on the platform at no cost.

Worker Bee costs $5 per month and you can opt out at any time.

Queen Bee costs $10 per month. Upgrade when you need to run an event and downgrade when you are not.

Each tier offers ever-increasing levels of functionality and connectivity – all designed to help you connect your product or service with a paying customer/client.

Create your account and collect your honey.

The team at the hive.

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