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Business Development

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Peer-to-peer Business Advisory

Meeting of non-competitive business owners to discuss issues or opportunities within our own businesses. Get insights from from other business owners on how to run your business more effectively. Unbiased advice. years of combined knowledge to tap into.

1 on 1 Coaching

1 on 1 Accountability session. Working with you on strategically managing your business and holding you accountable to achieve goals. Your trusted advisor on anything business.

The Alternative Board with Riana - What is TAB?

The Alternative Board, or TAB for short, is a membership-based organization that provides business owners with peer advisory boards, executive coaching, and business strategy sessions. It's a confidential and supportive space where business owners can discuss their challenges, opportunities, and goals with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs.

About me

Riana Olivier

Business owner at The Alternative Board

I help business owners attain actionable advice from their peers in facilitated monthly board meetings (through The Alternative Board with Riana), private monthly coaching sessions, and strategic business tools to help them focus and prosper.

Over the past 20+ years, I have founded and developed multiple businesses, both independently and in collaboration with partners and venture capitalists. I have worked in various industries, including the services industry, agriculture, manufacturing, and retail, to develop, improve, and grow businesses. My contributions to these projects included developing business structures, financial and marketing strategies, and operational processes. As a SAIPA registered accountant, I specialize in managing the financial aspects of a business.

For nine years, I was the founder and owner of an accounting and tax practice, where I assisted numerous small and medium enterprises. During that time, I was deeply involved with 17 businesses, providing services and coaching to help them save or improve their operations.

Unfortunately, I have encountered many entrepreneurs who sought my assistance in a last-ditch effort to save their struggling businesses. Through these experiences, I gained first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges that business owners face, which cannot be found in a textbook. The weight of responsibility for one's employees, doubts about decision-making abilities, and feelings of isolation can be overwhelming. Personally, I also struggled to find someone to provide guidance and hold me accountable for the targets I set for myself and my team. The constant pressures of meeting deadlines and managing personnel issues dominated my life.

The impact of my busy work life on my children became apparent to me when my little girl asked, "Mom, if you have time, can you please buy me an eraser for school?" It was a moment of realization for me.

I have since established a strict work-life balance and take pleasure in spending time with my family amidst nature. However, I am not fully satisfied without working alongside successful entrepreneurs and contributing to their success. To me, being a part of that process is incredibly fulfilling, whatever success may mean for them.

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November 13, 2023
Riana has a long history of fostering business growth with venture capitalists. She has wealth of financial knowledge and grasp the many challenges that entrepreneurs have. She is wonderful at providing accountability and mentorship for business owners and their teams. A true professional and warm & sincere person. If you looking for support on your business journey then you need Riana in your corner.