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    Estate Planning
    Business Financial Planning
    Financial Analysis
    Risk Planning
    Financial Planning

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    Personal – Retirement Annuity, Investments, Living and Life Annuities, Tax Free Savings, Unit Trusts. Business – Business Investments. Corporate – Retirement Funds and Risk policies.

    Estate Planning

    Planning for all aspects of your life. Estate Cover, Wills, Trusts.

    Personal Cover

    Life cover, Disability, Dread Disease, Funeral Policies.

    Business Assurance

    Death, disability and dread disease cover for business owners. Business Investments


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    About me

    Natasha Griffin

    Financial Advisor

    Personalized Life Insurance and Investment Solutions for Businesses & Individuals.

    I'm your partner on the road to financial success. With a deep-rooted passion for helping individuals like you achieve your financial dreams, I'm excited to introduce myself and share my commitment to your financial well-being.


    What sets me apart is my dedication to understanding your individual needs and crafting a financial strategy that's tailored just for you. Whether you're aiming to grow your wealth, secure your family's future, or navigate complex financial decisions, I'm here to provide guidance, support, and expertise.


    I believe that trust and transparency are the cornerstones of any successful financial partnership. That's why I prioritize open communication and strive to demystify the world of finance, ensuring you feel confident and empowered in every financial decision you make.


    My areas of expertise span investment planning, retirement strategies, risk management, and estate planning, among others. I stay updated on the latest industry trends and leverage cutting-edge tools to provide you with the most effective financial solutions.


    But beyond the numbers and strategies, I'm here to build a long-lasting relationship with you. I'm not just your financial adviser; I'm your financial confidant, here to celebrate your successes and navigate challenges together.


    So, let's embark on this journey toward financial success. I'm eager to get to know you, your financial goals, and help you achieve the financial future you've always envisioned.


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    November 9, 2023
    Natasha has been excellent in sharing and giving advice on the best invest for myself and my family. Natasha goes through all the finer details before signing which gave me a positive surety that I have taken the correct investment for me, my family and my kids education.
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    June 18, 2023
    Natasha has way of making long term Insurance and the requirements thereof very understandable and custom fit to your situation. Knowledgeable and service driven. She will do her utmost to secure you the best rates and for the best cover possible. I would recommend you get in touch with to review your current policies and retirement needs.