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Peer Advisory Board Facilitation
Strategic Advisory / Coaching
Business Transformation / Strategy
Business Diagnostics Analysis
Strategic Software & Tools
Team Alignment - DISC assessments

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Where Strategy meets Productivity. Strategic plan development and implementation, or full business transformation interventions. StratPro is perfect for business owners and their leadership teams to develop a robust strategy and ensure accountability in its execution.

Peer Advisory Boards

A confidential meeting of non-competitive business owners to discuss issues and opportunities within their own businesses. Gain insights from fellow business owners on how to run your business more effectively. Receive unbiased advice and tap into years of combined knowledge.

Trusted Strategic Advisor

1-2-1 accountability sessions: Partnering with you to strategically manage your business and hold you accountable for achieving your goals. Your trusted advisor for all things business.

Business Builders Blueprint

Software to manage the strategic elements of your business. Vision, Swot, Company organograms, KPI, Critical success factors. year end sequences.

Business Diagnostics

Have a company diagnostics done on the various functions of your business. Rate priority and get feedback on which areas are potentially working well and which areas may require some attention.

DISC Assessments

Team talent assessments. Used to improve communication among team members. Helps in collaboration. Determine what drives owners and employees.

Leadership Development & Training

Start with a Soft Skills Needs Analysis Survey rooted in neuroscience. Based on the results and your company's goals, we design bespoke training interventions to support your growth trajectory.



Leadership Has No Title.
Create Your Own Destiny.

Marco Petersen

Topics from a recent Peer Board.

What is a Peer Board?

A Peer Board is a facilitated round table discussion of business owners helping to solve each others challenges or opportunities.

Members bring new topics each month to get insights from other business owners on how to solve / sound board / hear where pitfalls may be .etc. The business owners make commitments to each other in taking action to resolve these based on the advice given.

The video here highlights some points from a recent peer board.

Project / Workshop / Event

featured project

Screenline: Team Alignment / Communication Workshop

Workshop Overview.

This workshop is focused on improving communication in the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT). We utilize two main tools in this workshop, namely the DISC Behavioural Assessments and Safe Communication to enable the SLT to create working relationships that will support open communication, productive collaboration and better results.

The workshop includes training on understanding various elements of the DISC profiling tool.

The primary objective of this workshop is to gain commitment from the SLT to work together as a team on organizational transformation. It will also assist in establishing transparency between the team members.

Goals / Tangible outcomes:

  • DISC reports for all participants. Online assessment (30 minutes) taken at least one week prior to the workshop.
  • Team communication matrix (personalised communication preferences)
  • Communication Commitment Charter. (Creating a safe place for communication to flow)
  • Recommendations on implementation of outcomes and continual reinforcement of these.

If you want your team to be on the same page, create honest and transparent communication amongst team members, then this workshop is for your company.

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About me

Mr. Marco Petersen

Business Owner

I’m guessing that as a business owner, you don’t always sleep well at night. Even though you’re working hard and trying hard, sometimes you feel intimidated and overwhelmed trying to do the important and relevant work. You’re looking for (the right) someone to share your ideas and your problems with, who will give you candid feedback, and help you consistently get things over the finish line – whether it’s about your staff, your cashflow, your time management, developing a plan or figuring out how to successfully sell your business and what to do with your free time.


As a former CFO, COO and shareholder for a multi-million Rand international manufacturing business, I know what it means to unlock business value and ensure sustainability for the future. Responsible for Finance, HR, Payroll, SHEQ, IT and Operations, and an ability to lead in times of ambiguity, meant I was able to consolidate vision, culture and team alignment in a merger of three different organisations.


I’m also really good at strategy, with an ability to identify what’s important in any situation and understand how the changing landscape influences individuals and businesses. Put me in a room with an enthusiastic leadership team and I’ll take you through a strategic planning process that navigates to the potential, while avoiding the pitfalls. My years of playing competitive sport at international level have prepared me for this – never underestimate the competition, never take your eye off the ball, and never give up.


Thirteen years of board participation, membership on various business forums, being a shareholder in several companies, and a focus on leadership development, means I’m frequently consulted by senior management to help them positively impact their businesses. And I love it.


I also love leveraging my experience to help business owners achieve their version of success, whatever that looks like. I do this through peer advisory boards, private business coaching, strategic planning, business tools & software and financial services.


Get in touch if you are growth-minded, coachable, and want to build the value of your business.

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June 11, 2023
Marco has the natural ability to coach, lead and mentor. He wears his personal values of integrity, respect and courage on his sleeve and lives by it daily. Marco has a passion to develop and educate his subordinates and peers. Marco freely shares his vision to help people grow. Marco has an open door policy for his employees and is always eager to hear their opinions and views on matters, whether business or professional.
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October 25, 2020
Marco is a professional businessman with integrity and excellent subject knowledge.
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September 12, 2020
Marco brings clarity and direction to any discussion. He is able to understand the various aspects at play in any scenario and reach a quick and decisive decision. Always conscious of the strategic intent, Marco is able to provide the direction and meaningful action that bring about the changes needed to fulfil the future objectives of the organization.
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