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  • Online Project Management, Operation Manuals/Standard Operating Procedures, Implementing and managing systems, Virtual Assistant


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Administrative Support

Assisting clients with Executive Admin, basic finance, electronic filling, CRM Migration & Management, accountability managing various Projects, Operations and Teams members for Clients.

Communication Management

Scheduling meetings, resolving calendar conflicts, and using your calendar to optimize time management. Properly capturing, responding, retaining and managing emails on behalf of clients

Online Database & Research

Building and researching databases and topics

Social Media Management

Creating and overseeing social campaigns, producing content, reviewing analytics.



The combination of hard work and smart work is efficient work.


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Standard Operating Procedures

  • standard operating proceedures

Working as a sub-contractor for a company in the Forex space, I came on board and assisted in finding two (2) in-house Personal Assistants while creating and implementing policies and procedures.

I created a 6-week timeline document on how to and the processes to open up a new division within African countries.

The document comprised of start dates for registering a company in the new country and the documents required, selecting directors, and staff to manage the day-to-day, ordering furniture, equipment, promotional items, and timeline with flights and accommodation needed to be booked, seminars online bookings, website development.

I created a Standard Operating Procedure for Personal Assistants.

This entailed the necessary how to's and approved formats by Directors for sending calendars over Whatsapp, following up with outstanding tasks from Directors, sending meeting links via Whatsapp, searching for flights and obtaining flight approval from directors, advertising via LinkedIn for new staff, completing staff contracts, using Docusign, making companies payments and purchases and setting up meetings with the approved calendar format for internal and external meetings.

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About me

Lee-Anne Webster

Founder & CEO

Lee-Anne has over 10 years of experience in the corporate world and a background as an Executive Personal Assistant for C-level companies.

Lee-Anne's employment background is Photography Printing, Publishing,  Recruitment software, IT, Financial Services, and Construction before stepping into business-owner in the virtual world.

Lee-Anne is quick-witted, flexible, and an idealist. Her work ethic is to work promptly and accurately while being informative and discrete.

Networking and Tech apps are her playgrounds. Upskilling and training people are close to Lee-Anne's heart.

One day when Lee-Anne is big, she would love to own an NGO company (with a difference) that provides people from all walks of life with opportunities to become business owners, PAs, and Managers, and help them to find their passions.


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November 10, 2023
If you looking for a professional Virtual Assistant or Office Manager, then look no further than Lee-Anne. Together with her team she can handle any administrative or sales cold calling requirements you may have. I have used her companies services and found them to be high quality with quick turnaround times. If you are drowning admin and not getting to focus on the important items in your business give Lee-Anne a call.