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  • The GLEE Method incorporating Strategic Plans, Basic Financial analysis, SWOTT Analysis, Setting Targets and Action Steps, Business Acumen Guide


GLEE Methodology
Solving your business puzzles
Getting to know your numbers
Strategic Plans
Business Planning
Mentoring Executives

Services & Products

Strategic Plan Basics

Create a specific business strategy to drive long-term goals

Financial Basics

Helping you get comfortable with your finances and basic financial goals

SWOT Analysis

A simple tool to establish your company's current competitive situation and develop a strategy to resolve them

Targets and Rocks

Establishing quarterly goals for your business and setting 3-5 specific action steps to move you forward



I like puzzles, crosswords, jigsaws, Wordle, even those little ones you get in your Xmas cracker but I especially love your puzzles

Linda Dent

GLEE Method

Hi Its Linda Dent from Just Ask Linda business coaching. I have built a personal philosophy called GLEE over the last 2 years and set myself goals in line with this These goals are all based on my GLEE philosophy which states that I should take positive actions that have one of these results:

To GROW myself through continuous learning and self-development

To LEARN about relevant topics and keep my mind strong

To EXPERIENCE special moments with family and friends

To EMPOWER others through sharing knowledge and advice

Project / Workshop / Event

recent project

The GLEE Method Part 1

This step involves getting clear on your core values, your why, your unique superpowers and your
dreams for your business, you and your family. Why are these questions important? Without some understanding of your vision for your life, how do you know whether your career or business is right for you.

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About me

Linda Dent

Business coach

Ready to Grow with GLEE?

Then Just Ask Linda!

A completely dedicated and experienced business strategy coach and mentor, Linda assists established business owners to optimise the value of their business. 

Throughout Linda’s exemplary career in the financial industry with two of the top four banks in South Africa, she has gained knowledge and experience that she has a passion to share with others.

“People have always come to me for all kinds of advice. I have the acumen, education and experience to help people grow their business value”, says Linda.

A multi-threaded problem solver, Linda is analytically strong, open-minded, a conceptual thinker willing to challenge the ‘accepted norm’. In many instances her fresh and innovative thinking solves the puzzle and the way forward becomes clear.

She knows that many business owners want to be successful and success means having a stable financial position, a great team and enough time to enjoy the things in life that matter.

In order to do that, you need a business that generates profits and in turn Economic Growth for your community, you need to Learn more about your business through open discussion, you need to Empower others in your team to deliver results and you must find ways to Enjoy yourself in the process.

This aligns with Linda’s personal philosophy, GLEE, which stands for Grow, Learn, Empower and Enjoy and all her plans for business and life are contained in these 4 words.

The reality is that most entrepreneurs fail to build sturdy foundations for their business or understand the risks which down the line causes a lot of anxiety and stress and could end in business failure.

The Just Ask Linda tagline is “Valued Insights, Focussed Action” and that’s just what she does in monthly coaching sessions customised to suit the individual business owner.

Building a thriving business and the community around you is simpler than you think. 

Linda understands that every business is different and meets you where you are depending on your unique journey. 

Her clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries and again variety is the spice of life for her, the more varied my clientele the more challenging and the more creative she needs to be and that thrills her.

The main ingredients she looks for in a new client is that they are growth-oriented, committed, open-minded and willing to try new ideas.

Just Ask Linda


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October 5, 2022
If you are looking for a business coach that will partner you from startup to a big going concern, then Linda Dent is the perfect strategic partner for you. Years of business experience, fused with a light hearted comfortable approach, will move you to take action in a positive and structured way. Build your business with Linda.