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    Strategy Implementation
    Mental Fitness Development
    Performance Coaching

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    Positive Intelligence Program

    Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don’t build habits. Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. And that’s what the PQ® Program empowers you to do.

    Performance Coaching

    Coaching for Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs to support personal growth which impacts their performance in their daily lives.

    MetaShift Your Money

    Imagine having a relationship with money that makes you feel empowered, prosperous, fulfilled, free, provided for… No more exhaustion, self-delusion, avoidance, slavery, burnout, compromise and fear. This is possible when you master your relationship with money.



    You do not rise to the level of your goals.

    You fall to the level of your systems.

    James Clear

    Jade Stacey Fedder - Video Introduction Card

    A short introduction to me and how my journey started.

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    About me

    Jade Stacey Fedder

    Mental Fitness and Optimisation Strategist

    Hello Human! 🙋🏻‍♀️

    So glad you found your way to my About Me section.
    I decided to ditch the cookie-cutter approach on how this section should look and what should be in it.

    I lived in a box 📦 for 78% of my life… yes I actually calculated that.
    And by box, I mean I conformed to living how I THOUGHT I should, according to standards and values I didn’t set for myself… all to “fit in”.
    Not knowing what was wrong, I just knew something wasn’t right. Ultimately, I wasn't ME.
    It took some work to get to the point now where I’m “out of my box” and I’m SO GOOD with that 😎

    If you’re still here reading, then I assume something is resonating with you.

    I’m passionate about helping people see that they can CHOOSE to live their very best life.
    This is not a cookie-cutter approach. You are completely unique in your HUMAN-NESS and in my working with you to live your very best life, I take that into account. I believe through the process of discovering that you have a choice – for some unknown reason we seem to have (unconsciously) convinced ourselves that we don’t have a choice 🤦🏻‍♀️ – you unlock a freedom from within you and THAT just shifts everything.

    Living a life of your choosing is a 💥 GAME CHANGER 💥 I promise you that!

    My love for learning motivates me to seek and store information. I’m naturally a strategic thinker and see beyond what is in front of me. I continually challenge myself to learn more in pursuit of mastery, which keeps me on the cutting edge and allows me to quickly weigh alternative paths. I am able to anticipate, play out scenarios and plan ahead, empowering me to be agile in making credible and well-informed decisions – which I bring into all the work I do with my clients and empower my clients to make transformational shifts for themselves.

    I calm the noise around you, so that you can see with clarity what’s in the way (mental blocks, limiting beliefs etc) and the next step to take to move in the direction of your desires and dreams. I support you to develop the mental fitness to take on the challenges that you come across in life and to see that you are empowered in all the choices you make.

    If you’re looking to create shifts in your life, revitalise yourself and life, build courage and resilience, go on a journey of self-mastery, lead a happier, healthier and wealthier life then... 👇🏻

    Send me a DM 📧 and let’s jump on a short call to discuss if we’re a good fit 😄


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    April 24, 2024
    Jade Fedder's Positive Intelligence Program is a game-changer. It goes beyond insights, fostering new habits crucial for lasting change. Her Performance Coaching for leaders is invaluable for personal growth and professional success. With MetaShift Your Money, she transforms your relationship with money, bringing empowerment and fulfillment. Highly recommend!