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Continuous Miners

Eickhoff mining machinery is well known for its reliability and robust design. Based on more than a century of experience in manufacturing mining equipment, gearboxes and steel castings, our Continuous Miners have proven their outstanding capabilities under the toughest conditions in coal mining. The machine's concept has been steadily refined, in close cooperation with our customers, to meet the highest demands in terms of safety, productivity and maintainability. Eickhoff Continuous Miners are designed for operation in challenging mining conditions and can be easily adapted to meet specific customers' requirements. Hydraulic Version - The CM2H type is a field-proven traction system driven by hydraulic motors providing significant advantages in wet and muddy floor conditions.

Industrial Gearboxes

Within our group of companies, we benefit from a broad vertical range of manufacturing experience. For example: Our foundry has an extensive knowledge base in metallurgy which it utilizes in making its quality high-grade castings. Our gear manufacturing team is highly competent in the fields of gear component manufacturing including heat treatment and casting machining as a result of their long-standing experience in the production of high-performance mining machinery and gearboxes. The new Eickhoff planetary gearboxes are designed according to a modular principle. The distinguished characteristics is their high power density and compactness. The selected gradation of sizes in conjunction with the available ratios provide for a wide range of industrial applications.

Support Services

Direct, prompt and without compromise – our service network of specialists strive to ensure optimal service for your continuous miner. Our highly qualified and experienced team provides you, amongst other things, with the following services: Service Support Our engineering service staff is ready to consult with you directly, extensively and competently. In addition to this they devise service concepts for optimizing the availability of your machines, using means such as production data reporting or condition monitoring systems as preventative maintenance and early damage detection. On-site Service From commissioning through to training and troubleshooting, as well as repairs on the surface of the mine, you can count on our experienced service staff to support you to ensure optimal availability even for used and overhauled machines. Repairs Repairs to your component parts and / or complete machines are conducted at our Wadeville workshop.


We encounter different mining conditions at each new location around the globe. Our machine range has no problem adapting to these varying conditions thanks to our experience in developing made-to-measure machine concepts for the 1.4 m up to over 7.2m operative range, Eickhoff offers shearer loaders from the Eickhoff SL 300, SL 500, SL 750 and SL 1000 ranges.



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Eickhoff Continuous Miner

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