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    Strategic lead generation
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    Odex – CRM Software
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    Database building and management

    Without a database you can't have a successful sales process, and this is where a database is so important. I build databases from scratch with you to ensure you have a solid foundation to accompany your sales process to reach success.

    Social Media Management

    Visibility is important for any business and through social media management you can target the right people using Facebook, Instagram and or LinkedIn. I don't just create the designs and post it, I'm also very much involved with your audience insuring them they always get the VIP treatment.


    Sales mentoring is a long-term, relationship-based, and development-focused process that focuses on enhancing the overall sales mindset.


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    About me

    Janine Lingenfelder


    Being a business owner is not only something that I do with all my heart, but it has allowed me the privilege to work with entrepreneurs from across the globe and all walks of life.

    Business owners have two things in common; we are all strong and we care about our businesses and clients. This is what Jelani stands for… Jelani means strong in Swahili, and the word lani means caring. Hence why I named my business Jelani Sales.

    My name is Janine Lingenfelder, born in South Africa and now living in exquisite Dubai. I am a persistent, dedicated professional with over 20 years of sales experience. I have a passion for people and to help them grow their businesses through my skills and talents. This is what led me to becoming a Virtual Sales Assistant and starting my own business, Jelani Sales in 2019.

    As a Virtual Sales Assistant I have had the pleasure to work with and support entrepreneurs and their businesses from all over the world. I’ve helped countless business owners simplify their sales processes and grow their businesses between 5% to 15%. This has been achieved by working with entrepreneurs and by being one myself, I understand how we put our heart and soul into our businesses and give our clients our very best.

    With over 1 million calls done (and counting) for various industries and the diversity in qualifications that I have obtained, I have created a new product to help my clients…

    SNAP Coaching

    SNAP Coaching stands for Sales Navigation Activities to Prosper. You see, when my clients succeed, I succeed and with our SNAP sessions, I support my clients in creating a clear and effective sales process that yields results and lands them their ideal clients. During our sessions, my clients look at sales with a different perspective. Instead of a process that is hard, they see it as a lead magnet for their business. They add more value to their clients and in turn, grow in confidence too. My heart fills with joy when my clients share their success stories and results from their SNAP sessions.

    At the best of times, the entrepreneurial journey can be an overwhelming and lonely journey. Thankfully, through connecting with like-minded business owners, we’ve come to realize the importance of connection and having a supportive like-minded network. One of the ways that I have grown my network is through networking. I have met incredible people and business owners and through this, I noticed that there was a gap in the market to start a network that will bring Virtual Assistants together from all over the globe and a place where they could build supportive and collaborative business relationships. I am the Co-founder of Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Network) which achieves this vision and mission. Virtual Assistants are growing their businesses through a supportive network and collaborating on projects that crosses borders and oceans.

    I have the opportunity to give back to my community by providing mentoring, sales coaching and training to my clients and talented Virtual Assistants across the globe, while growing my baby (or not so baby) Jelani Sales. I am doing what I am passionate about, supporting like-minded business owners and growing my business and network. My passion and purpose combined is being achieved one day at a time while fulfilling my vision and mission of helping others along the way. It’s a Jelani journey and it’s one I do with my whole heart.


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    June 21, 2023
    If you want to improve your sales pipeline and overall sales in your business, then I urge you to contact Janine. Janine is a master at the sales process and she can either help you with the actual process by doing the necessary pipeline management, database management, cold calling, social media creation and scheduling etc. or train you or your sales team up to more effective. Once you or your team have been through her training you will see an uptick in your sales leads and closure rate. Get in touch with her today.