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  • Legal process outsourcing, HR, Management, NED, Legal, HRM, Strategy

Services & Products

HRM Business Analysis

Strategy & planning, compliance, talent management, Training & development, Performance management, Organizational design, HR audits

HR Services

HR/IR, recruitment and payroll, reward & discipline, Documents & policy

Legal consulting (LPO)

Legal process outsourcing for lawyers where we provide for: Contracts, Debt collecting, CCMA, RAF, Deceased estates

Commercial Mediation

This is private & commercial mediation by and accredited mediator.

Training and coaching

e-Training, Webinars, In person Business Coaching

Contract management

Pre execution, execution & management, post execution and termination/renewal

Project / Workshop / Event


The Disciplinary Hearing

  1. Module title: Disciplinary Action - The Hearing
  2. Module subtitle: How to Chair an Independent Disciplinary Hearing 
  3. Module description: Take this module to learn about the practical steps involved in chairing a disciplinary hearing in the workplace when employees have breached company policies.

The module covers all the practical steps involved, as well as includes scenarios, background policies and legal requirements and a number of interactive tasks to help you prepare to undertake the role of chairing a disciplinary hearing.

This self-paced module is designed for you to complete in your own time.

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About me

Etienne Pretorius

Business owner

I have qualifications that position me as a Business Analyst (MBA & BTech) and a Legal Consultant (LLB).

I am a Director at PBC Group.

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November 9, 2023
Etienne has great knowledge for the law and has given and served the best results for his contract law.
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June 22, 2023
Etienne is the epitome of the true business professional. Knowledgeable, forthright and service driven. He brings unique blend of practical business skills and legal structure to the businesses he works with. Providing strategic human resources services is a key focus of his and you definitely want him on your team as opposed to him sitting on the opposite side of table. Reliable, forthright and determined are qualities that stand out when I think of Etienne. If you need legal or general business council I highly recommend you contacting Etienne.