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Claudia Dias & Cassandra Ison

Managing Partners of Azura Body Mind Soul


Claudia Dias has always had a passion to explore the world, connecting with people from all walks of life and having a true love for the ocean. After completing her diploma in Travel and Tourism, she proceeded to live and work in the UK and Mozambique respectively. 


It was after the sudden tragic death of her sister and the death of her father, after a long battle with Cancer, where Claudia began searching for answers to the true meaning of life. 


Attending numerous retreats while working through her grief, meeting amazing people along the way, who helped Claudia realise that her true passion lay in assisting others work through their own challenges. 


“No one should go through their pain alone” is still her driving force today. 


Claudia embarked on attending various courses in grief, trauma and child counseling. As well as attending courses on Angels, Mediumship, Orbs and Mindscape. 


In 2019 she received an international certification for Life coaching and Neuro-Linguistic programming and is a licensed practitioner. 


Claudia’s passion extends to dedicating most of her free time volunteering to counsel members of her community, who have become victims of trauma as a result of crimes, home invasions, hijacking, rape and suicide etc. 


Her continuous desire to empower anyone she meets to be their truest version of themselves, inspired Claudia to collaborate with her awesome friend and colleague Cassandra, in creating these transformative and invigorating retreats. 




Cassandra Ison started her working career in finance and has experience in many areas such as stock brokering, treasury, banking personal risk and investments. Today Cassandra is a qualified financial advisor offering her clients the combined experience of financial knowledge and assisting her clients with the psychological and personal understanding of money. 


Cassandra has completed her Bachelors of Criminology degree which includes Industrial Psychology. Cassandra completed her international certification for Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic programming and is a licensed practitioner. She also has qualifications in Executive Coaching, Wealth Coaching, basic counselling, trauma counselling, HIV/AIDS Counselling, suicide counselling and drug education.


Cassandra’s spare time involves working with the Victim Support Unit, offering counselling to victims of crime such as murder, suicide, home invasions etc. Cassandra also enjoys playing the silver flute and gardening. 


Cassandra’s motto to life is “Life is an adventure, and every turn has a story, so live it to the fullest” and she wants to assist her clients in achieving their full potential both financially and personally. 

Together with her esteemed colleague and friend, Claudia, they strive to give all their clients the best that they have to offer from knowledge, learning and experience.



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April 17, 2024
Claudia Dias, driven by her love for the ocean and a passion for connecting with diverse individuals, found her calling in guiding others through their challenges. With certifications in life coaching and NLP, she dedicates herself to counseling trauma victims, empowering them to embrace their true selves. Collaborating with Cassandra Ison, a seasoned financial advisor and counselor, they offer a holistic approach to personal growth, blending financial expertise with psychological insight. I can highly recommend you reach out to the ladies at Azura for your counselling , coaching, self discovery needs.