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    Payroll Statutory Compliance
    Human Resources
    Remuneration Structure
    Payroll Auditing
    Payroll Management

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    Shearer Loader SL-series

    Our machine range has no problem adapting to these varying conditions thanks to our experience in developing made-to-measure machine concepts.

    Industrial Gearboxes

    Our foundry has an extensive knowledge base in metallurgy which it utilizes in making its quality high-grade castings.

    Continuous Miners

    Eickhoff mining machinery is well known for its reliability and robust design.



    “You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things”

    Mother Teresa

    Soft Skills

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    About me

    Anéle Veltman

    HR & Payroll Manager

    Passionate about People

    Early in my career it became evident that I enjoy serving others and working with people.  I started my career as a Girl Friday in 1995 and quickly became hungry for more.  I wanted to climb the ladder to Secretary, Personal Assistant and then eventually Executive Assistant.  I achieved all of this by 2005.

    Mid 2005 opportunity came knocking and I opened the door and entered the HR and Payroll arena and have been in this field ever since.

    Same as before, the hunger to grow in this field was immense.  I did just that and started my education in Human Resources and Payroll together with on-the-job training.

    I now have 18 years experience and knowledge of Human Resources, Payroll and Employee Benefits.  Some of the highlights in my profession is my capabilities to perform job grading, pay scales and payroll training.

    My journey from 2005 to now has led me to being a Professional, with a National Diploma.  I have worked in corporate Retail and Manufacturing for the last 18 years overseeing HR & payroll departments from 250-600 employees.


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    October 20, 2022
    HR and Payroll professional with a great work ethic. Wonderful skills and a must use resource for any organisation.
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    June 11, 2023
    Over the years I have worked with many HR / Remuneration / Payroll managers - no one has come close to Anéle’s experience, skills and passion for her profession. Her dedication to the company, to the management team and the staff was always evident. Doing the right thing comes easy for Anéle. Anéle management of her team was very professional and robust. She took pride in her work and that of her department and was often the last person to leave the office in order to deliver a world class function. It was a privilege to work with her for so many years.