Investment in Portugal

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Investment in Portugal
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Date(s) - 23/04/2024
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This is a 2 hour information session to assist entrepreneurs make informed decisions around starting a business in Europe namely in Portugal.


Topics include:

  • Why Portugal
  • Tax Implications for businesses in South Africa and Portugal
  • Exchange Rates
  • Buying property in Portugal



  • Guilherme Lopes – AICEP Portugal Global (Portugal Specialist – Business)

Guilherme Lopes serves as the Economic and Trade Counsellor at the Portuguese Embassy in South Africa, a position he has held since July 2020. With a strong background in economic affairs and international relations, he has extensive experience working with various African markets prior to his current role, such as Angola, Namibia or Morocco.

  • Paula Macedo – PDA Portugal (Property Investment Specialist)

Paula Macedo, CEO, and Founder of PDA Portugal, is a seasoned property investment strategist with over 17 years of experience. With a postgraduate degree in Management & Valuation in Real Estate, her expertise lies in providing tailored investment solutions to Professionals, Corporate Directors, Biz Owners & Companies. With a background as a real estate consultant specializing in residential and commercial property investment, Paula guides clients through property procurement, investment analysis, and strategic optimization. Proficient skills in market research, project management, and customer-oriented approach ensures that clients achieve their investment goals with informed decisions to maximize returns and mitigate risks in the competitive Portuguese property investment market.

  • Margarida Parra da Silva – Parra Silva & Silva (Tax Specialist Portugal)

Margarida Parra da Silva is a seasoned Certified Accountant with over 25 years of experience in accounting and financial management. Through her consultancy firm, PSS CONSULTORES, she offers expert tax consultancy and accounting services, particularly assisting individuals relocating to or investing in Portugal. Her firm’s focus areas include healthcare, local accommodation, and real estate, where it provides comprehensive accounting support.

  • Sarah-Leigh Martin – TaxEy (Tax Specialist South Africa)

Sarah-Leigh Martin is a dynamic entrepreneur renowned for her multifaceted contributions across diverse business sectors. Originating from Africa, Sarah-Leigh’s rich cultural background deeply influences her innovative approach to business. As a passionate advocate for business expansion, Sarah-Leigh specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in broadening their ventures into the European market. Her expertise and strategic insights have propelled numerous businesses to achieve international success. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Sarah-Leigh’s legacy extends beyond the confines of the business world. She serves as an inspiring figure, encouraging others to explore new horizons and leave enduring legacies for future generations.

  • Candice Magen – AbroadScope (Exchange/Immigration Specialist)

The Founder and CEO of immigration consultancy Abroadscope, Candice Magen, has 18 years of experience in the industry having been employed in this space for her entire working career. Candice is not afraid of hard work; therefore it was only a natural decision for her when deciding to become a business owner in this line of business. Along with Candice’s extensive experience in the industry, comes many connections and a plethora of information shared with business owners, immigration practitioners, lawyers and consultants. As a result of her esteemed reputation in the industry, many professionals collaborate with her and refer clients based on their needs and firm’s specialties. Candice is a highly motivated, straight-talking individual who seeks a solution for any problem presented to her as she aspires to fulfill the motto of Abroadscope “Miracles are immediate, the impossible may take a bit longer.” Candice is a proud wife and mom to two children.

  • MC – Margaret Botha – PDA Africa

Margaret Botha, Director of PDA Africa, is a pioneer in international investments, driven by a mission to bridge the gap in low-risk overseas investments. Her dedication to safeguarding her family’s financial future led to the establishment of PDA Africa, empowering individuals worldwide to diversify and protect their financial futures.


  • Introduction
  • Speaker 1
  • Speaker 2
  • Break
  • Speaker 3
  • Speaker 4
  • Question and Answer Session


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