Connect & Thrive WeBuzz Networking – November 2024

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Connect & Thrive WeBuzz Networking - November  2024
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Date(s) - 25/11/2024
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🐝 WeBuzz Monthly Networking🐝

🐝Where Connections Thrive & Ideas Buzz! 🐝

In the hive of WeBuzz Networking, each individual is a vital component of a buzzing ecosystem, where every interaction pollinates fresh perspectives and fosters growth. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a blossoming talent, here, you’ll find the nectar of inspiration and the honey of opportunity.
Together, let’s make this month’s WeBuzz Networking event the sweetest yet, where the collective hum of creativity fills the air and propels us toward boundless possibilities. Let’s spread our wings, unleash our potential, and make every moment count in this vibrant hive of innovation.
🐝 Agenda 🐝
Welcome Buzz (2 minutes)
Hive Manners (3 Minutes)
Nectar Gathering Icebreaker (10 minutes)
Hive Networking Session (30 minutes)
Member Knowledge Sharing – Grow us  (10 minutes)
Buzzworthy Q&A and Comments (5 minutes)
Honeypot – Member Lucky Draw (3 minutes)
Closing Buzz (2 minutes)
Your inaugural visit to the hive networking event is complimentary. Subsequently, become a Worker Bee or Queen Bee for continued access.
We encourage you to log into your profile before registering so you can keep track of your events on your profile.
Join us in fostering collaboration and growth in our buzzing ecosystem!


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