The portal of choice, enabling people to connect, grow, support, share and learn from each other.

Connect with individuals or groups to share experiences via online meetings on topics ranging from professional to social.

Create, find and join online video forums, webinars or participate in video consultations.

Online booking system, syncing of diaries and get paid for your services upfront.

We empower individuals to give back to their community by sharing ideas, advice or experiences. 

Save money, time and resources by doing away with travel time and physical locations to meet at.

Gain professional advice through forums, webinars or consultations online .



A portal for vendors to showcase events/forums linked to the diary management system.

Online booking of appointments for online consultations or in person meetings 

Get paid upfront for your services. Set your fees for time, meetings or events.

Diary management & synchronisation of your consultations, events, and other appointments.

Create a member profile to advertise yourself or your business to the world. Customize the look and feel.

Market events be they online video forums, webinars or in person events like networking or social events.

Generate an income by becoming an online consultant or professional forum moderator.

the name


Bees work together for the betterment of the community/hive. Connect and grow on the portal with your fellow members.

People are gregarious and won’t survive without the engagement with other humans to grow and develop.

Bees are essential for the world to survive. Businesses and individuals will thrive online by collaborating, working & advertising on our portal.

We (Community / together / collective).

Honeycomb is the food that sustains the hive. It helps grow the hive. We want people to grow / succeed by using the portal

Conex (Connecting people through the portal).

Buzz (To buzz someone is to call them, to talk to them).